Real Estate Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria – Become A Real Estate Consultant

real estate network marketing

Easily make N500,000 monthly from real estate affiliate marketing in Nigeria aka real estate network marketing.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, it’s simply a marketing arrangement by which a merchant pays commission to a promoter/marketer/advertiser for leads or sales generated from their referrals.

In the case of real estate, the merchants are real estate companies and you register with them for free to become one of their real estate consultants and when you make a sale and your client makes payment to the real estate company your commission due from the sale is immediately sent to your bank account, so no waiting till the end of the week or month to get paid.

The network marketing side of the business allows you to invite others to join the business under you and build a team of consultants that you support to know the business and become successful in it. Their success is your success too because you get to earn on every sale they and their team members (downlines) make. With an active team you get to earn well even without personally making a sale.

Real estate network marketing is an interesting money making opportunity in Nigeria and if you are consistent with learning the business and using effective marketing techniques to promote the properties you can become a millionaire within a few weeks of starting the business. This has been the story of some in the business.

The difference Between Real Estate Network Marketing and other Network Marketing Business

  • It’s free to join but yet just one sale can make you a millionaire.
  • It’s has no monthly sales requirement that you must meet in other to earn commission. When you and or your downlines sell you earn. If you or your downlines don’t perform in a given period you don’t earn at all.
  • The network marketing side of the business is optional. No one will force you to build a certain number of team members or build any team at all. Building a team is simply for your benefit. Why limit yourself to earning from your own effort when you can earn from others efforts too?
  • You get paid your due commission within 24 hours of making a sale.
  • There’s nothing to lose when you join. You either sell or you don’t sell, either way no pressure. However anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you’re in a business where a lot of people are doing well and you’re not then you only have yourself to blame.

What is the commission like from real estate affiliate marketing?

On Direct Sale (When you make a sale)

  • Direct 15%

On Indirect Sale (when you build a team of independent real estate consultants and they make a sale)

  • 1st Generation 5% – 7%
  • 2nd Generation 3%
  • 3rd Generation 2%

There are also several promos for consultants to win free plots of land, different brands of cars and an all expense paid trip to Dubai and South Africa including money for shopping.

Does Sales Marketers in Real Estate get paid well in Nigeria?

From the percentages you see above you know we get paid well. 95% of our properties is landed properties so you can say we’re into land marketing. Currently our lowest priced estate Bricks and Bars Estate Phase 2 sells for N600k. 15% of N600, 000 is N90k. And if you sell 3 plots of the estate like I did with my recent sale that’s N270k commission from just one transaction. And if you sell a plot of our highest priced estate Westwood Park Estate Phase 2 for N12million that’s almost N1.5m on just one sale.

What does a real estate consultant do?

  • Get up-to-date information on the industry and the property you’re selling.
  • Seek out people looking to buy properties in Nigeria, especially lands by offering value to them; providing answers to their pressing questions and guiding them to make smart investing decision.
  • Go for inspection of the properties so that they know the property they’re selling very well and therefore confidently answer questions about it.
  • Take prospects for inspection when they request for it.
  • Follow up with prospects and close the sale.

Real Estate Network Marketing Companies in Lagos

Below are some of the trusted real estate companies in Lagos that pay you commission when you or your team members refer a sale. Just click on each of them to complete an online registration form to become one of their consultants. Some of the websites will ask you for the name and referral phone number of the person referring you. In that case use the details below:

Referred By or Introduced By: OGHENEKARO ITOJE

Referral or Introducer’s phone number: 08067845791

Bricks and Bars Company Ltd

Gracias global property LTD

Christal Homes LTD & Aspire Heights Realtors LTD

Revolution Plus Development Limited

Pazino ECC

EUC Homes

Antotorino Investment Ltd

Landwey Investment Ltd


Luxury Flats Victoria Island

If you run into any problem registering with any of the companies above let me know by leaving a comment below.

IMPORTANT: When you’re done registering with all the companies send a text or Whatsapp message to 09071070691 and you will get information on what to do to close your first sale and earn your first commission. I’ve noticed that people who register here don’t reach out to me to follow up with them. Please don’t do that. It’s in your best interest to introduce yourself to me and let me guide you in the business. If you don’t then you can’t blame your upline for not helping you.

People have earned between N100k to over a million Naira as first commission. You can do the same too.

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  • June 21, 2017 at 1:05 am

    I haven’t seen where to register and I don’t know if this is applicable to other states in Nigeria. Enugu to be precise

    • June 21, 2017 at 10:07 am

      Please see the links below the page. Anyone anywhere can do the business of real estate consulting. You have the same opportunity for income open to you. When a client wants to see the land in Lagos, your Upline/Sponsor in Lagos, in this case me will be glad to take them to the site on your behalf.

  • November 4, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Can I Promote a Land or Property to a client if I am not staying in Lagos?


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