How To Buy A Land In Nigeria From Abroad Without Fear Of Scam

How To Buy A Land In Nigeria From Abroad Without Fear Of Being Scammed – How a Nigerian Living Abroad can Buy a Land in Lagos Nigeria without Losing Money or Making the Wrong Investment – Tips for buying a Land in Nigeria – How to Buy a land in Lagos. Invest in Lekki.

Are you a Nigerian living abroad and want to buy a land in Nigeria but you are afraid of losing your money to fraudsters, relatives or friends? And or you’re concerned that they will buy you a land that isn’t what you want just so they can keep some of the money you send for themselves?

These are genuine concerns. And you’re not alone. Every Nigerian abroad who want to invest in Nigeria real estate have these concerns too, and this has been some of the challenges those abroad face since years back. In this post however I share some tips to buy a land in Nigeria from abroad without any fear of getting scammed. And also without fear of investing in a poor land.

How to Buy a Land in Nigeria without Losing Money and Making a Wrong Investment

Anyone buying a land, whether living in Nigeria or based abroad is taking some risks. However when you’re not even in the country to manage things yourself your risk increases by 50%. The two challenges you face are:

  1. Who can I trust to handle the money I send to Nigeria to buy a Land?
  2. How am I sure they will not just buy me a swampy land in an undeveloped area and lie to me about it?

Option 1

If you want to remove all doubt completely, then make a trip to Nigeria, take care of this project yourself and travel back. Nobody can manage your affairs more than you can. It will only take a day to inspect the land and pay for it and get your receipt. Most of the real estate companies don’t do allocation immediately because they do it in batches. Some allocate after 90 days of purchase. So you can travel back and return for the allocation or have a relative represent you and get your documents. Your real estate consultant can do that for you too if you don’t want to involve your relatives. The most important thing is that you’ve seen what you’re buying, you know who you’re buying it from and you’ve handled payment yourself.

Option 2

However if for some reason you can’t travel to Nigeria just yet, but would like to buy a land right now, then open a bank account in Nigeria. Most of the banks allow Nigerians living abroad to open an account with them and operate it from abroad. Here’s how a Nigerian based abroad can open an account with GTB in Nigeria. If you would rather use another bank, then go to and search for how to open an account with that bank living abroad.

Once you have the account opened, find a estate property you like. Click here to search through our properties.

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Get in touch with a reliable real estate agent or consultant. Ask for a copy of the survey plan for the land and also for a video inspection of the land. With a video inspection You can see exactly what you are paying for before you pay. You can also see if it is a swampy land, which is something important you want to determine of a land before buying it. With a video it will be like you inspecting the land yourself.

Tip: This is what I do and it will be my pleasure to serve you. Just use any of the contact details on this site to contact me anytime let’s work together to get you investing in Nigeria real estate.

If you like the land, then you send the amount for the land into your Nigeria bank account and from there you easily transfer to the estate company account to make your payment. This way you pay directly to the company yourself and never have to send your money to a third party.

Tip: You may not even need a Nigeria bank account. Some real estate companies accept payment in foreign currencies, Dollar, Euro and Pounds.

You start to have issues when you send money to a third party. Never send money to me or any other third party for that matter. If you do, you risk losing it all. Even if you have proof that you sent money to this person, do you have the time to be involved in a legal battle should this person choose to keep the money for him/herself? I don’t think so! Do not give family members or friends such responsibility and risk bringing disharmony to your relationship with  because of money. Let professionals help you out.

The two options I have discussed above are the best options for you to eliminate any form of risk to you when you buy a land in Nigeria while living abroad.

2 thoughts on “How To Buy A Land In Nigeria From Abroad Without Fear Of Scam

  • March 14, 2017 at 2:10 pm

    How are we going to handle the documents, signatures and verification without my physical appearance? Please let me know how you will assure me that I won’t be scammed. Those are my two questions. Thanks

    • April 6, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      Your documents will be prepared for you as soon as you make all necessary payments with the company’s signature and seal on it and you can sign them later, perhaps when you visit Nigeria. In the meantime I as your consultant can pick them up from the company and give to any of your friend or relative in Lagos or better yet keep it with me until your visit. For verification hire a lawyer in Lagos, then I’ll send you the coordinates of the land you’re interested in to send to your lawyer to use to do his due diligence on the land. With the coordinates he can go to Land office at Alausa Lagos to confirm the authenticity of a land.

      95% of my clients are based abroad and I’ve been able to successfully help them buy lands from their estate of choice with all the documents made available to them.


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