Real Estate Nigeria Guide – New To Real Estate? All You Need To Know

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You’re here on this site because you’re interested in real estate Nigeria either for the purpose of buying a land or a house for your own use or as an investment plan. I’ve written a number of articles on the topic and this page will help you quickly find the article with the information that is most important to you at the moment.

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What Properties do you have for sale?

We have quite a number of properties for sale, mostly lands. And most of our properties are located in Ibeju Lekki and Ajah. We also have an estate in Ikorodu and Mowe that still have some plots available for sale.

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Nigeria Real Estate Investing

If you’re intending to invest in Nigeria real estate then there’s no better time than now to start because real estate is currently the most recession proof investment opportunity in Nigeria; once you buy it, the value of your investment can only increase and keep increasing unlike what happens when you leave your money in the bank.

As you know the value of Nigerian Naira is on a constant downfall. If you leave one million in the bank as savings  within a few months the value of that one million Naira would have reduced. The money would no longer be able to buy as many things as it could when you left it there.

So every wise person now should take steps to ensure they are always multiplying any money they don’t have an immediate need for. If you have one million Naira buy a plot of land with it. If you have a few millions or more than a few millions of Naira buy several plots of lands with it and watch its value appreciate.

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