Real Estate Agent Lagos Nigeria

Real Estate Agent Lagos Nigeria

We’re a reliable real estate agent in Lagos Nigeria. As a property broker we are knowledgeable about Lagos laws of buying and selling property in Lagos. We know the trends within Lagos property market as well as the competitive prices for the various properties you may want to buy or sell and therefore can help you save a lot of time and money when buying properties in Lagos and or help you sell your properties quickly at the best price possible.

We can also help you find properties within Lagos that suits your needs and buy it at the best price possible with the most favorable terms.

Although we focus this website to land for sale in Lagos we actually tend to all kinds of properties in Lagos, lands and all kinds of houses. Our clients include:

  • People searching for property for sale
  • Home owners looking to sell their houses.
  • Local and International real estate investors exploring the Lagos Nigeria real estate market for real estate investing opportunities.

If you’re looking for a land to buy in Lagos the best place to start your search is from our properties listings. If you don’t find the land that meet your needs in our listing or you’re looking to buy a house then contact me with details of the kind of property you’re looking to buy. Or perhaps you’d like to book a free consultation with me.

My goal as a real estate agent Lagos Nigeria for those buying properties in Lagos is to ensure they find the right property that meet their needs and goals for it at a great price and for those who have properties to sell is to get it off their hands fairly quickly at a price they will be happy with.

As regards our fees, when you choose one of the properties listed on the site to buy, you don’t pay us anything. Our partners, our trusted real estate companies who own those properties pay us for marketing it for them. But it’s important you know that the commission they pay us doesn’t affect the price of the land. If you seek them out and buy from them directly you still pay the same price. Whereas if you go through us you have a third party invested in your interest that you have access to other than the company.

However if you want us to find or sell properties for you, our fee is 5% of the final sale price.