Nigeria Real Estate Investment – Why Invest In Lagos Properties

Nigeria Real Estate Investment – Why Invest In Lagos Properties – Nigeria Real Estate Guide – Real Estate Business in Nigeria – Real estate Investment in Nigeria – Real Estate Nigeria Lagos

Irrespective of how you feel about living in Lagos, whether you love the city for the endless opportunities to make money that it presents or you hate it because you think it’s too crowded, you can not deny that Lagos is King in the Nigerian real estate market. And if you want to make it big in real estate investing in Nigeria, you will need to put any negative feelings you may have about the state aside, if any.

Nigeria Real Estate Investment – Why Invest In Lagos Properties

Not a lot of cities in Nigeria can boast of a vibrant real estate market where the average price of housing units for middle-income earners is between 25 million and 35 million Naira.

As at 2011, Lagos was home to more than 14 million people and this number marks an impressive rate of population growth in a city that had only 1.4 million inhabitants as at 1970.

It will interest you to know that every year as much as 600,000 people settle in Lagos continuing its growth on the path to becoming the seventh largest urban area in the world by 2020 (Nigerian Bulletin, 2016).

Real estate investment Lagos Nigeria is far more profitable than elsewhere because this is an emerging market. And there is little or no government regulation in terms of pricing and property values.

Consequently, you stand a chance of making big money if you invest right.

Here are some reasons to invest in Lagos Nigeria real estate.

Property Values Appreciate Fast

Property prices in Lagos Nigeria is constantly rising. For example a colleague bought a land in Lekki for 3 million Naira. About three years later, the same land was worth 9 million Naira.

Property owners and landlords are constantly increasing prices and rent. Therefore, any money you put in Lagos Nigeria real estate is money well invested.

Lagos Nigeria is the Commercial Nerve Centre of Nigeria

It is the centre of commerce. Businesses are everywhere . . . and more are coming. More businesses mean better standard of living. And more people ready to buy property.

Lagos Nigeria is constantly expanding

Lagos recently attained the mega city status. This means that property you’re buying that appear to be in the suburb, may soon become a property in a commercial neighborhood.

That means more money for you because properties in that area will appreciate in value faster than you imagined.

There is a Ready Market

Property ownership is considered to be the ultimate achievement in African societies. You’re not considered to have attained something concrete unless you at least own a house.

This is good news for you the property investor. It means you will always have ready buyers. Cool, right?

So if you’ve decided to invest in Nigeria real estate, then do yourself a favor and put most of your investments in Lagos properties, residential and commercial properties in a neighborhood that can accommodate your investment budget with big landmarks and clear plans for development within a short period of time.

A place like Ibeju-Lekki Lagos Nigeria is a great real estate investment hub for investors right now.

Ibeju Lekki now called the NEW LAGOS for housing some of the most important Landmarks in Nigeria such as Dangote Refinery which is the largest in the world, the new Lekki Sea port, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Power Oil Factory, La Campaign Tropicana, Beaches and Golf Courses and more still has very affordable properties that is sure to skyrocket according to experts when the Refinery and the Sea Port are functional by December 2018.

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