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If you’re looking for a list of real companies in Nigeria then you’re likely looking to buy a property and already know the benefits of buying a property from real estate companies over buying from Omoniles.

The benefits include:

  • Most real estate companies are registered with CAC and therefore your chances of being scammed is greatly reduced.
  • You don’t have to deal with Omonile and risk buying a property that someone else will later come and make a claim to.
  • There are lesser extra fees to pay with estate companies, usually the extra fees only include survey cost and legal documentation cost for a fully serviced estate whereas with Omonile the fees you have to pay for are endless they include survey fees, legal fees, agency fees, omonile signing fees, foundation fees, roofing fees, drainage, Nepa etc.
  • The major property documents are usually done by the Real estate company in favor of the buyer.
  • You don’t have to worry about securing your property when you buy from developers. The estate come with proposed amenities fence, electricity, roads, drainage etc.
  • Most real estate companies provide installment payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay the full sum at once therefore enabling low to middle class earners to acquire properties with the monthly installments payment.

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As you know though there are good and bad people in all industries and the real estate industry is not an exception. Therefore you should expect that not all real estate companies in Nigeria or even Lagos state are credible, which is why I have partnered with a few of the most popular reliable real estate companies in Lagos after doing due diligence, visited the companies and interviewed them and those who have done business with them to bring you legit cheap and affordable properties so you don’t have to worry about who to trust. Below are the real estate companies we trust, you can click on each name to read more about the company and their available properties, all listed on this website.

Verified and Reliable Real Estate Companies in Lagos Nigeria

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