Land For Sale Citadel Of Dreams Gardens Akodo Ise Lekki Free Trade Zone

Land for sale in Citadel Of Dreams Ibeju Lekki Lagos

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Citadel of Dreams is located at Akodo Ise Village, off the coastal road, and about ten minutes’ drive after La Campagne Tropicana in Ibeju – Lekki. With its lagoon view and naturally beautiful atmosphere, the estate has a lot of neighborhood attractions:


  • High level Security
  • Substantial area covered by greenery, recreational activities, roads and car-free paved walkways
  • Manicured Gardens and Lawns with specimen trees
  • Landscaped areas with sheltered seating
  • Jogging pathways
  • Children play areas
  • Senior citizens relaxation area
  • Waste management systems


Notable developments within the environs of Citadel of Dreams are as follows:

  • OK LNG Project
  • Refinery
  • Sea Port
  • La Campagne Tropicana Resort
  • Lekki – Epe Airport
  • Private Islands
  • Lagos Free Zone

Plot Size: 550 per Sqms.

Title: Excision (File No. KL/10529), Registered Survey and Layout

Quick Tour of Citadel of Dreams Gardens

Citadel Courts Payment Plan

TenureCost Per Plot =N=Initial Deposit =N=Balance After Initial Deposit =N=Monthly Payment =N=Discount % =N=
Full Payment3,600,000---400,000 (10%)
6 Months4,000,000655,0003,345,000669,000-
12 Months4,080,000340,0003,740,000340,000-
18 Months4,160,000233,0003,927,000231,000-
24 Months4,240,000169,0004,071,000177,000-
30 Months4,320,000144,0004,176,000144,000-
36 Months4,400,000130,0004,270,000122,000-

Additional Offering

Per Sqm = N7,273.00

550Sqm = N7,273.00 x 550Sqm = 4,000,000

400Sqm = N7,273.00 x 400Sqm = 2,909,200

250Sqm = N7,273.00 x 250Sqm = 1,818,250

*Payment plan for these offering is available on request.

For further details about this property and to book a date for free physical inspection call/whatsapp me on 09071070691.