Amen Estate Houses For Sale – Amen Estate Cost Price List

Amen estate houses for sale – How much is house in Amen estate? Amen estate cost – Amen estate price list – Prices of houses in Amen estate

Amen Estate Houses for Sale

There are a number of houses for sale in Amen estate and the cost depends on what you’re looking for. The houses are differentiated largely by the number of rooms they have. Each house is large and comfortable and there’s enough breathing room to each property.

As at writing there are 7 different types of houses in Amen estate available for sale and they are:

1. The Afin: This is a 7 bed detached mansion inspired by ancient design. It’s a blend of the graceful architecture of past with present day technology. It’s made up of:

  • 7 en-suite bedrooms
  • Study
  • 5 receptions/lounges
  • 7.5 bathrooms
  • 4 balconies/terraces
  • 2 Room Self contained BQ

The house is delivered finished with the finest porcelain and granite floor tiles, elegant POP ceilings, fully fitted kitchen with granite worktops, fitted wardrobes, jacuzzi steam bath with shower in the elegant master bedroom bath, and various other luxuries.

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2. The Iga: This house comes with elegant 4 bedroom detached with en suite bathrooms. Finished to the highest standards, this is an ideal home for small family on the up. It has a spacious rear garden which is complimented in front by generous parking and amenity space. It’s made up of:

  • 4 en-suite bedrooms
  • 4 Reception/5 restrooms
  • 2 Balconies

3. The Agbala: reminiscent of the grand stature of the homes of ancient African nobility, reflects a traditional style that is the hallmark of Amen Estate. it was created to pay homage to the design of our glorious past, yet respond to the way our families live today. It’s made up of:

  • 5 en-suite bedrooms
  • Study / 6th Room
  • 4 receptions/lounges
  • 5.5 bathrooms
  • 1 balconies/terraces


4. The Lolo: This house is a Luxurious compact, yet commodious three bedroom apartment, designed for the busy professional, with scrupulous attention to detail and exquisite Amen Estate finishing.

All rooms have en suite bathrooms with steam shower enclosures to the master bedroom. It’s made up of:

  • 3 en-suite bedrooms
  • *1 Reception/5 restrooms
  • 2 Balcony/Terrace
  • 2 Car Parking


5. The Olori: It’s spacious, yet cosy. Its easy to manage, yet expansive.

Finished to the highest standards, with granite floors and kitchen counter-top, and sumptuously appointed bathrooms to all bedrooms, this is the home for the discerning buyer. It is made up of:

  • 4 en-suite bedrooms
  • 4 receptions/5 Restrooms
  • 2 balconies

6. The Nze: This house is a four bedroom terrace home inspired by Igbo nobles of the same name who led a democratic, merit driven African society. Nze stands on its own merit, a compact but thoughtfully planned home for the growing family in which everyone gets their own space.

The house is an as example of our typical medium size property, this home also works well as a vacation home or an investment property for buyers living in other parts of the country or abroad. It is made up of:

  • 4 en-suite bedrooms
  • 4 receptions/lounges
  • 3.5 bathrooms
  • 1 balconies/terraces


7. The Queen Amina: Superb 5 bedroom duplex home, named after the legendary warrior Queen of Zaria. An accommodation befitting of royalty, the Queen Amina is a statement of elegance and beauty, with the signature casement windows of Amen Estate.

This Classic home is a beautiful yet practical solution for the efficient use of space. This semi detached plan is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Its timeless, elegant character is articulated by the reflection of Nigerian artistry in traditionally carved doors, stair rails and kitchen cabinetry, carved by master craftsmen popular in delta region of Nigeria. It is made up of:

  • 5 en-suite bedrooms
  • Study / 6th Bedroom
  • 4 receptions/lounges
  • 5.5 bathrooms
  • 1 balconies/terraces


Amen Estate Payment Plan

There are different payment options available. Outright payment (make full payment at once) gets a discount. And there are payment plan for up to 2-5 years. Installment plans requires a minimum of 20 percent initial deposit. 2 years installment plan are interest free but 3-5 years installment attracts an interest of 5% (on 3rd year), 10% (on 4th year) and 15% (on 5th year) respectively on the outstanding balance.

The option of part buy, part rent ownership is available to people who have reached up to 50 percent payment. But maximum payment period is 5 years.

How to Buy a House in Amen Estate

By now you’re wondering about how much each of the houses cost. Well, I wish I can tell you but Amen estate price list is not available to the public. Even us consultants are made to sign a confidential agreement if we want to refer clients for the property. And they do this for security purpose.

Amen estate is a luxury estate with every infrastructure available including 24 hours electricity and Internet service. The estate started getting a lot of attention after Nigerian celebrity Funke Akindele and her music star husband, JJC, moved into the estate. Since then a lot more celebrities have moved into this luxurious estate. Such luxury and clientele base makes tight security a must for the estate and it is fiercely enforced. You can’t just walk into the office of the developers, Redbricks Homes International Limited and they will process an application for you. No. Before they attend to you, they make sure you are ready to buy and that you have good intentions. So there’s a registration fee of a N100,000 and it is refundable IF you buy. You make the payment first and then fill a registration form later.

Please keep in mind that the company usually do a background check on anyone who wants to buy a house in the estate in other to avoid all “the obvious things”. They also don’t want people of bad characters at the Estate. So, they check peoples backgrounds before they actually give them the opportunity to buy into the estate.

Redbricks Homes International Limited office is located in Amen estate in Eleko Beach road. If you will like to progress with an application to the estate please call/whatsapp me on 09071070691 and I’ll send you payment instructions.