Is Ibeju Lekki Also Lekki?

is ibeju lekki also lekki
You've probably been seeing different adverts promoting cheap land for sale in Ibeju Lekki and now you're wondering if we're talking about "the real Lekki". Well there's no fake Lekki just so you know :) Lekki is a big city that is still under construction. As of 2015 the phase 1 has been completed and phase 2 was near completion. Lekki phase 1 currently has a reputation as an area with some of the most expensive real estate assets in Lagos State with a plot selling for as much as 80-150milli...

Understanding Land Titles In Nigeria – Is It Safe To Buy Or Not?

Land title documents in Nigeria
Understanding Land Titles in Nigeria - Land Title Documents in Nigeria - What is Excision, Gazette, C of O and Governor's Consent. One of the first questions people ask when they want to buy a land is the Title on the land. They all ask even though not many of them understand what the different Titles are about. Some insist on buying a land with C of O even though they don’t have the budget for it. So this article is to help you understand the different titles there are and what is safe for y...

Land Investing – What Kind Of Land Is It Safe To Buy? Classes of Lands

Land Investing - Which land is it safe to buy
Land Investing - What Kind Of Land Is It Safe To Buy? What land should I invest in? Land investment advice - What to look for when buying land to build on. Land Title documents in Nigeria. Lands are divided into three categories based on their status. Free lands Committed lands Lands under global acquisition or general acquisition Before I discuss this three classes of land I have to first discuss the land use Act because you need to understand that first for some of what I wi...